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Healing Hearts Therapy



Welcome to my site and I hope you get the information you need to decide if I may be a good fit for you.  I primarily work with adults and specialize in anxiety, depression, PTSD, low self esteem, codependency and relationship issues. I have a large amount of resources and tools that I am constantly adding to that have helped many of my clients get unstuck, moving forward and feeling better. 

Some of my main approaches are EMDR, IFS parts work and using the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) which I find all help my clients to process through current symptoms, triggers, past traumas or disturbing events leading to their concerns today. This could possibly include car accidents, abuse, military trauma, sexual trauma, loss of loved ones, as well as other traumas such as criticisms, break ups, humiliations, attachment loss and early emotional neglect etc. 

All cultures and LGBTQ community are welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to talk with you. Please note I am a fee for service business only. I can ONLY provide a receipt with dates of service and am unable to provide any 3rd party documentation, notes, requests etc. I am only doing TELETHERAPY which is working extremely well.

Warmly, Dena

Dena Robertson-Blackford, M.A., LMFT #94569

PO Box 6512

Folsom, CA 95763


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