I am always committed to learning and growing in order to be my best possible for my clients. I am constantly inspired with reading, consultation and training.

By contributing a monthly donation to EMDRIA Research I hope for additonal EMDR studies to take place recognizing how many more people can be helped with EMDR Therapy.



* 4th Summit of EMDR,  Complex Trauma and Dissociation 9 Modules

* Committee Member of EMDR Northern California Regional Group

* Training staff Andrew Leeds Ph.D., Sonoma Psychotherapy Institue

* Attachment and EMDR , Beatrix Hurley LMFT and Margaux Helm LMFT


* Coaching EMDR Staff for Andrew Leeds Ph.D. Sonoma Psychotherapy Institute

* Leading ongoing Consultation groups for EMDR trained clinicians

* EMDR Flash Technique, Philip Manfield

* Internal Family Systems (IFS) 2 day workshop, Richard Schwartz

* IFS and EMDR Bruce Hersey

* Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), Lisa Schwarz



* Integrating Somatic Psychotherapy with EMDR, Craig Penner, LMFT
* Coaching EMDR Staff and Trainer for Andrew Leeds Ph.D.
* Leading ongoing Consultation groups for EMDR trained clinicians

* At the Crossroads of Trauma Therapy, Rachel Walker LMFT



* Treating First Responders for PTSD, Joel Fay, Psy.D, ABPP

* EMDR, Dissociation and IFS, Presented by Colleen West and Rachel Walker

* Coaching at EMDR Basic trainings with Kim Johnson

* Leading consultation groups for EMDR trained clinicians wanting certification.

* Attended EMDRIA annual conference in Bellevue, WA
* Coaching staff for EMDRIA basic training with Andrew Leeds Ph.D.
*Leading ongoing Consultation groups for EMDR trained clinicians 



*Treating Military Veterans with EMDR, presented by EMDRIA

*Art of EMDR and EMDR and Grief, Presented by Roger Soloman

*Monthly basic and advanced consultation with Andrew Leeds Ph.D.

*Defense and Affect Phobias in EMDR, presented by Andrew Leeds Ph.D.

*Coach for EMDR Basic Training with Roy Kiessling

* Parts work and EMDR with Jasmine Alexander


*Treating Complex Trauma with EMDR and Structural Dissociation Theory: A Practical Approach Presented by Kathleen Martin, LCSW

*EMDR for Early Trauma and Neglect Presented by Sandra Paulsen Ph.D.

*Treating headaches with EMDR Presented by Steven Marcus, Ph.D.

*DeTur Addiction treatment with EMDR Presented by Dr. AJ Popky

* Somatic Methods for EMDR, The Embodied Self Online Presented by Sandra Paulsen Ph.D.

*Monthly basic and advanced consultation with Andrew Leeds Ph.D.


Attended EMDRIA 25th Anniversary conference:

The Fascinating Journey of Helping Children with Trauma

Suicide, Self-Harm and EMDR

Treatment of Complex Trauma: Clinical Practice and Treatment Guidelines

History Taking and Preparation for EMDR Therapy in Complex Trauma, Andrew Leeds

Borderline Personality and EMDR, Dolores Mosquera

Dissociation and EMDR, Dolores Mosquera